Mastering the Hunt: Locating and Defeating Night's Cavalry in Elden Ring

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Mastering the Hunt: Locating and Defeating Night's Cavalry in Elden Ring

The Night's Cavalry in Elden Ring is a free-roaming boss that you can encounter in several places in the Lands Between, but only during the night. This unique restriction makes these encounters both intriguing and a bit more challenging, necessitating a strategic approach to hunting them down. Before we dive into the tactical aspect of these battles, let's identify the various locations where you can find the Night's Cavalry wandering the lands of the Elden Ring.

Tips for Defeating the Night's Cavalry in Elden Ring

Most of the Night's Cavalry attacks will feel familiar if you’ve faced the Tree Sentinel from Limgrave, but they are a bit stronger. He isn't a highly difficult boss, making him a good early target. One critical aspect of the fight is that both the rider and the horse have separate energy bars. The boss bar at the bottom of your screen will decrease only when you directly hit the rider, whereas the horse has its own separate bar, disappearing temporarily when depleted.

When the horse's energy is exhausted, the rider is dismounted and lies vulnerable. This brief period is perfect for launching heavy attacks, as the rider won’t be able to defend himself. It takes a few seconds for him to summon his horse back, resetting the battle. The rider primarily uses a Flail, which you can dodge or block using a shield and defense counters. Wait for him to gallop towards you and then dodge his swing for prime counterattack opportunities.

Igniting a forceful strike while the steed gallops in your direction can prove to be powerful, but synchronizing your action is vital since an inaccurately timed hit may leave you vulnerable to a retaliatory move. For those looking to simplify the battle, consider defending yourself while on horseback, as it provides better mobility and positioning.

night's cavalry elden ring screen

Elden Ring Night's Cavalry Peninsula of Tears Location

One of the first Night's Cavalry you will likely encounter is on the Peninsula of Tears. Travel south across the peninsula and stop at the Site of Grace 'Wall of Castle Morne.' Here, you'll also find a merchant by a campfire. The Night’s Cavalry might surprise you by attacking near this merchant, so be prepared. If he's not present, wait until nightfall at the Site of Grace, and he should appear riding from the direction of Morne Castle. Defeating this rider rewards you with 3400 Runes, a Nightrider Flail, and the Barricade Shield Ash of War.

Elden Ring Night's Cavalry Limgrave Location

Limgrave Location map

In Limgrave, the Night's Cavalry appears at the bridge to the north of Lake Agheel. When you manage to defeat this enemy, you will be rewarded with 2400 Runes and the Repeating Thrust Ash of War.

Elden Ring Night's Cavalary Liurnia North Location

Liurnia North Location map

To find the Night's Cavalry in Liurnia, follow the Bellum Highway from the east gate of Raya Lucaria a short distance to the northeast. Once you encounter and defeat him, you’ll earn 5600 Runes, a Nightrider Glaive, and the Giant Hunt Ash of War.

Elden Ring Night's Cavalary Liurnia East Location

Liurnia East Location map

In the eastern part of Liguria, you'll run into the rider on the landmass next to the broken bridge. Victories here bring 5600 Runes and the Ice Spear Ash of War as rewards.

Elden Ring Night's Cavalry Caelid South Location

Venture to the southern high road of Caelid at night to find another Night's Cavalry. Defeating this one nets you 8500 Runes and the Poison Moth Flight Ash of War.Caelid South Location map

Elden Ring Night's Cavalry Caelid East Location

Caelid East Location map

In the east of Caelid, you will discover a bridge just north of Lenne's tower. Note that this isn’t the Farum Greatbridge that houses the dragon Greyoll but another located to the east. Conquering this Night's Cavalry yields an impressive 42,000 Runes and the Bloodhound's Step Ash of War.

Elden Ring Night's Cavalry Altus Plateau Location

Cavalry Altus Plateau map

Look to the south, southwest of the Site of Grace 'Altus Highway Junction', to find a Night's Cavalry. Successfully defeating him grants 10,000 Runes and the Shared Order Ash of War.

Elden Ring Night's Cavalry Forbidden Lands Location

Cavalry Forbidden Lands map

In the Forbidden Lands, located east of the capital Leyndell leading to the Grand Elevator of Rold, another Night's Cavalry roams. Vanquishing him rewards you with 36,000 Runes and the Phantom Slash Ash of War.

Elden Ring Night's Cavalry Consecrated Snowfield Location

The Consecrated Snowfield houses two Night's Cavalry, armed with Glaives and Flails. They appear near a caravan, typically around nightfall. It's advised to first eliminate the smaller enemies around the caravan before engaging the duo. After defeating them, you receive a hefty 84,000 Runes, various Night’s Cavalry armor pieces, and an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

Additionally, you can halt the caravan, defeat the giants, and loot a Flowing Curved Sword from the crate at the back. Need more assistance? Jump back to our comprehensive list of Elden Ring bosses or consult our detailed Elden Ring walkthrough.

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