High Price of Victory: Vormir Location Bug’s Impact on Marvel Snap

  • Charlotte Anderson
  • Dec 28, 2022
  • 635
High Price of Victory: Vormir Location Bug’s Impact on Marvel Snap

The release of the new Marvel Snap Vormir location has been causing some delays for the free-to-play card game. Players have been experiencing longer than usual pauses in card-revealing animations, making the usually brisk game uncharacteristically slow. Though not extended delays, this issue has caused some headaches for card battlers – and here’s why. 

The Vormir location is still drawn from the standard lineup of locations, though no longer with a 40% higher chance due to its ‘featured’ status. To win at Vormir, a player must sacrifice their first card, which gets destroyed. This has caused a great debate among the Marvel Snap community over whether sacrificing a card is worth the reward of winning.

The reward is certainly attractive; the new season of Marvel Snap promises to bring cards, locations, and cosmetics. However, it is important to consider the cost, as players who sacrifice too many cards may find that their card collections and potential rewards will be left behind.

Gamers have also noted that longer loading times often come with the sacrifice of a card at Vormir. This is due to the animations that occur, which can cause a delay in the gameplay. This issue is especially noticeable when the Vormir location is still new and ‘featured.’

The addition of Vormir to Marvel Snap is certainly welcome, as it adds an interesting twist to the gameplay. However, players should be aware of what they are giving up for their victory. The cost of sacrificing a card may be too high for some players, and it’s important to consider what reward you’re gaining from it. Additionally, those playing while the location is still ‘featured’ may experience longer loading due to the accompanying animations. But despite its drawbacks, Vormir is still an exciting addition to the world of Marvel Snap.

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