Celebrating Five Years of Victory: Inside Apex Legends’ Grand Anniversary Collection Event

  • Henry Williams
  • May 23, 2024
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Celebrating Five Years of Victory: Inside Apex Legends’ Grand Anniversary Collection Event

Embarking on the Celebration: Apex Legends' Quintessential Anniversary Bash As the digital universe of Apex Legends surges into its Season 20 titled 'Breakout', the creators at Respawn amplify the festivities with the unveiling of the 5th Anniversary Collection Event. This milestone isn't just a hallmark of longevity; it's a gala brimming with gratuities for its ardent fanbase. While the essence of the event lies in its munificent offerings, it's the mechanics of acquiring these indulgences that underscore the celebration.

Gifting Galore: Heirloom Shards and Free Packs on Offer

The Collection Event introduces players to a plethora of 24 new premium cosmetics, stirring up an arena of possibilities. Unique from prior incentives is the reward structure; upon acquiring all 24 event-exclusive cosmetics, players are bestowed with 150 Heirloom Shards. This novel approach empowers them to select from the exalted items within the Mythic Store's confines, orchestrating a tailored reward system. The event further sweetens the deal with a reward track laden with two complimentary Event Packs, reducing the cosmetic unlock threshold to 22 for the coveted Heirloom Shards.

Delving into the Reward Track: A Treasure Trove Unveiled


The 5th Anniversary Collection Event distinguishes itself with an exceptionally crafted reward track, a marked departure from the oft-considered modest offerings of previous tracks. Drawing inspiration from the community, this event's free reward track features cosmetics that resonate with the players' influences, enhancing the sense of collective celebration. Completion of this meticulously designed track not only yields two Event Packs but also paves the way to acquiring the prized Heirloom Shards with relative ease.

The Path to Celebration: Accumulating Event Points

Embarking on this festive journey entails the accumulation of Event Points (EP), accorded through the conquest of challenges listed under the "Event Challenges" tab. The array of rewards accessible along this track is comprehensive, beginning with the universal banner badge at 250 EP and scaling up to the apex of rewards, the exclusive 5th Anniversary Event Pack, at 5000 EP. This structured climb through the ranks encapsulates the spirit of the celebration, rewarding diligence with bounties that enhance the gaming experience.

Epic Rewards: A Glimpse into the Bounty

Apex Legends heroes

The allure of the event's free rewards track is undeniable, with offerings that span across various rarities and functionalities. From the aesthetic appeal of the Flurry Fury Prowler SMG weapon skin to the strategic advantage conferred by the Career Apex Kills stat tracker, the diversity in rewards caters to varied player preferences and playstyles. Completing the free reward track garners players a wealth of items including Rare-tier Apex Packs, Epic-tier 5th Anniversary Event Packs, and indispensable Crafting Metals.

Premium Cosmetics and Crafting Metropolitan

For those with a penchant for exclusivity, the 5th Anniversary Collection Event's premium cosmetics promise an elevation in gaming stature. Obtainable through direct purchases using Apex Coins, crafting with Crafting Metals, or the luck of the draw in Event Packs, these cosmetics are a testament to the vibrant essence of Apex Legends. The collection encompasses both Epic and Legendary-tier items, ensuring that every player finds a piece that resonates with their identity in the Apex Games. In conclusion, the 5th Anniversary Collection Event stands as a monumental occasion in the annals of Apex Legends, a testament to the game's enduring appeal and its developers' commitment to rewarding the community. With a plethora of rewards available through both free and premium avenues, the event promises to be a rewarding journey for all who partake. So, as the event unfolds, players are encouraged to dive deep into the festivities, secure their favorite cosmetics, and forge their legend as Apex Legends celebrates five years of exhilarating gameplay.

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