Uncovering the Lustrous Secrets of Evergem and Shiny Evergem in Disney Dreamlight Valley

  • Charlotte Anderson
  • Jan 16, 2024
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Uncovering the Lustrous Secrets of Evergem and Shiny Evergem in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Welcome to a journey of sparkling discovery in Disney Dreamlight Valley, where the allure of Evergem and Shiny Evergem beckons. These precious stones are not only captivating to the eye but also hold great value and utility within the magical realm of A Rift in Time. As you embark on this enchanting quest, your resolve and cunning will be tested, but fear not; with the right knowledge and tools, you shall prevail. Embrace the thrill of unearthing these gems, and let us delve into the heart of Eternity Isle to unveil the secrets of acquiring Evergem and Shiny Evergem.

Step 1: Prepare Your Expedition

Prepare Your Expedition

Before you set sail to the realms within Disney Dreamlight Valley, preparation is key. Make sure you are equipped with the essentials to navigate the mystical Eternity Isle:

  • Gather your Royal Tools, ensuring your Royal Pickaxe is ready for the trials ahead.
  • Stock up on Mist, the currency of A Rift in Time, as it will be necessary to unlock new areas on your map.
  • Bring along a Mining companion to maximize your gemstone haul.
  • Sharpen your wits and stay ever vigilant, for the journey is as important as the destination.

Step 2: Setting Foot on Eternity Isle

As the mists part and you find yourself on the shores of Eternity Isle, a sense of anticipation fills the air. The island, a treasure in itself, is home to the coveted Evergems. Begin your exploration by familiarizing yourself with the landscape and keeping an eager eye on the Ruins area of the Ancient Landing biome—a known haven for these sought-after gemstones.

Step 3: Venturing Through the Regions

Venturing Through the Regions

Your quest for Evergem and Shiny Evergem will lead you through two distinct areas in Ancient’s Landing, each requiring Mist to be unlocked:

  1. The Overlook: Unveil this area's beauty and natural resources by spending 6,000 Mist at the barrier.
  2. The Ruins: The main stage for your gemstone expedition. It demands 10,000 Mist at the barrier, but the promise of treasures is well worth the investment.

With each step closer to The Ruins, the prospect of discovering Evergem becomes more tangible. Tread carefully but with determination—the best treasures are often hidden just beyond the next challenge.

Step 4: Harness the Power of Mining

Now, standing before the mineral-laden veins within The Ruins, your objective is clear. Seek out the nodes studded with orange gemstones, signaling the presence of Evergem. With pickaxe in hand, commence your delicate yet forceful excavation:

  • Mining these specific veins could yield the illustrious Evergem or, if fortune smiles upon you, the rarer Shiny Evergem.
  • Remember that these gemstones are exclusive to this niche of the island, making every find a triumph.

Step 5: Utilize Your Precious Finds

Utilize Your Precious Finds

As you accumulate Evergem, it's not only a token of success but also a versatile crafting ingredient. One such recipe presently known to require Evergem is the Fireworks Mount, a dazzling addition to any display. While Shiny Evergem doesn't have a use as of now, its rarity guarantees it will be of great value in the future. Secure your finds, for in Disney Dreamlight Valley; you never know what tomorrow's crafting needs may entail.

Armed with the knowledge of where and how to obtain these enchanting Evergems and Shiny Evergems, venture forth with confidence. The Ruins of Ancient Landing await, and with them, the joys of discovery and creation. May the magic of Disney Dreamlight Valley elevate your spirits and guide your hands as you unearth the lustrous secrets that lie within.

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