WWE 2K24’s Physical UK Launch Sales Are 26 Percent Higher Than WWE 2K23

  • Henry Williams
  • Mar 12, 2024
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WWE 2K24’s Physical UK Launch Sales Are 26 Percent Higher Than WWE 2K23

The latest physical software sales data from the UK presents an interesting overview of the gaming market, showcasing a robust debut for WWE 2K24 and a notable entry for Unicorn Overlord. According to reporting by Christopher Dring of GamesIndustry on Twitter, WWE 2K24 has made a significant impact right out of the gate, claiming the number one position in its launch week. Impressively, the game's initial sales surpassed the previous installment's debut by 26%, showcasing a growing interest in the wrestling franchise within the UK.

Unicorn Overlord, a collaboration between Vanillaware and Atlus, also made a splash, securing the seventh spot upon release. This marks a respectable achievement for the fantasy tactics RPG, particularly given that Vanillaware's titles typically cater to a niche market. The distribution of its physical sales was largely in favor of the Nintendo Switch, which accounted for 60% of purchases, followed by 34% on the PS5 and a smaller 5% share on the Xbox Series X.

Conversely, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth witnessed a significant downturn, falling to second place with sales plummeting by 89% in its second week. Such a steep decline is slightly above the usual drop experienced by new releases, indicating a potential concern for the action RPG's physical market performance. This downturn mirrors the game's less-than-stellar launch in Japan, where it didn't quite meet the lofty expectations often associated with the celebrated series.

These shifts in the UK's physical software sales landscape offer a glimpse into consumer preferences and the dynamic nature of the gaming market. With WWE 2K24's strong start and Unicorn Overlord capturing gamers' interest, it's clear that both wrestling enthusiasts and RPG fans have had reasons to visit stores, while Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth faces the challenge of building momentum following its initial setback.

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