The Sims 4 Not Heading to Nintendo Switch, Clarifies EA

  • Charlotte Anderson
  • Jan 31, 2024
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The Sims 4 Not Heading to Nintendo Switch, Clarifies EA

In response to swirling rumors, the creators of The Sims 4 have issued a statement setting the record straight on the game's availability for the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch enthusiasts harboring hopes for The Sims 4 to make its way onto the platform were momentarily energized when a social media user, known as 'The Henford Hen', noted an update on EA's website listing the Switch as one of the available platforms for the game. As word rapidly spread, speculation grew that a Nintendo Switch version was imminent.

However, the thrill was short-lived. Addressing the growing chatter, The Sims Direct Communications swiftly corrected the misinformation. They highlighted that the update on EA's website was a mere oversight in the search information. The team behind EA affirmed that there are currently no intentions to port The Sims 4 to the Nintendo gaming system.

Presently, The Sims 4 remains accessible solely on PC, Mac, PlayStation, and Xbox. The clear statement from EA underscores that there are no forthcoming plans for a Nintendo Switch version of the beloved simulation game.

Historically, The Sims franchise has found a home on Nintendo devices, with Sims 3 released on the Nintendo DS, 3DS, and Wii. Yet, it seems the Switch may not see a similar release for The Sims 4, possibly due to technological incompatibilities with the console's architecture.

Looking to the future, whether these circumstances will change with the introduction of the next-gen Sims 5/Project Rene or a potential new model of the Switch is left to conjecture.

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