Splinter Cell Remake Announcement Potentially Being Teased by Ubisoft Toronto

  • Charlotte Anderson
  • Apr 06, 2024
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Splinter Cell Remake Announcement Potentially Being Teased by Ubisoft Toronto

Over three years have passed since Ubisoft first shared news of a complete overhaul for the original Splinter Cell game. This remake, utilizing the sophisticated Snowdrop engine also employed by The Division, has largely remained under wraps with scant updates reaching eager fans. However, recent activities by Ubisoft Toronto, the lead studio on the project, have sparked speculation and hope among the Splinter Cell community.
Notably, Ubisoft Toronto refreshed its Facebook presence with new imagery, prominently featuring the unmistakable night vision goggles worn by the franchise's protagonist, Sam Fisher. This update might have flown under the radar were it not for its timing. Mere hours before the studio's social media facelift, Ubisoft announced the date for its next Ubisoft Forward event set for June 10. This synchronization of events has led many to ponder if a full reveal of the Splinter Cell remake is planned for this summer gathering.
Adding to this anticipation are details that emerged over the past year regarding the direction of the remake. Job listings suggested a reimagining of the original story to resonate with contemporary audiences while preserving the essence and thematic core that fans cherished. The intention is to deepen the exploration of characters and their world, enhancing authenticity and immersion.
In late 2022, Chris Auty, the project's creative director, indicated that despite progress, the remake was in the early stages of production. More recent reports posit a potential release window within the fiscal year stretching from April 2025 to March 2026.
As anticipation builds, fans are on the edge of their seats, hopeful that the upcoming Ubisoft Forward event will shed light on the future of this beloved franchise and provide a closer look at the updated world of Sam Fisher.

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