NBA 2K24 Rolls Out Massive 1.4 Update Ahead of Season 2

  • Charlotte Anderson
  • Oct 10, 2023
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NBA 2K24 Rolls Out Massive 1.4 Update Ahead of Season 2

The popular video game NBA 2K24 has unveiled its substantial 1.4 update, bringing a raft of fixes, improvements, and changes explicitly designed for next-generation players. 2K Games has been diligently addressing fan feedback and has now churned out an extensive patch aimed at providing a more refined and balanced gameplay experience. The update is a build-up to the highly anticipated NBA 2K24 Season 2, slated for release on October 20.

Significant adjustments have been made to the gameplay, touching key areas like dunking, shot coverage detection, and on-ball stealing. These changes reflect a more realistic court experience, where the game mechanics echo real basketball scenarios more closely.

Apart from gameplay tweaks, The City mode, much loved by fans, has gained a host of stability and performance upgrades. These enhancements aim to provide smoother multiplayer interactions and lesser latency. MyCAREER enthusiasts will appreciate the alterations made to quest and progression systems, making the route to NBA stardom more immersive. The comprehensive patch notes follow below.

Enhancements and Tweaks Feature in NBA 2K24 1.4 Update

While the gaming community is eagerly looking forward to NBA 2K24 Season 2, the 1.4 update promises a more rewarding playing experience in the interim. Be it shooting hoops in the City, beginning your MyCAREER journey, or diving into MyTEAM, this update has something for everyone.


Significant refinements have been made to stand Meter Dunks, dunk meter logic, on-ball steal system, foot planting, shot coverage, and more. Additionally, exploits related to double dribble have been fixed, and the Heat Check and Recharge player indicator icons will now only be displayed when needed.

Meanwhile, various improvements have been included in addressing the GENERAL aspects of NBA 2K24.


Some key improvements have been made to enhance the overall experience in the City, including a reduction in user-reported latency, fixes to loading icon issues, and improved Social Menu functionality.

MAMBA MOMENTS refinements

This mode will now feature enhanced audio, UI, and in-game ambient elements.


Numerous enhancements and tweaks have been implemented to improve the overall quest experience, goat skills stat tracking, and flashbacks game rewards, among other things.

MyTEAM adjustments

Many menus throughout MyTEAM have received improvements and updates, with a primary focus on the clarity of discounts in the player market and functionality of the season's button in the Home Tab.

MyNBA/THE W fixes

MyNBA, MyNBA Online, and The W have received a suite of improvements and stability fixes. Among these is a solution for a hanging issue experienced during the offseason when using a downloaded expansion team. Additionally, the patch ensures that automatic substitutions accurately represent a player card's primary role.

Finally, GENERAL UPDATES included a list of current-day courts with updated designs and fixes, players with general likeness updates, and historical players with new sculpts or updates.

The NBA 2K24 1.4 updates serve as an appetizer for the much-anticipated NBA 2K24 Season 2, setting the stage for an enthralling gaming experience.

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