Indie RPG Dave the Diver's October Update Introduces Crustacean Intrigue

  • Henry Williams
  • Oct 08, 2023
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Indie RPG Dave the Diver's October Update Introduces Crustacean Intrigue

Indie RPG Dave the Diver, the creatively delightful spearfishing and sushi restaurant management game, was a surprise gem from last year. This October, it is set to receive its first major content expansion since its launch. The update promises an enhanced dive experience, a practical quality of life enhancement, and a pinch of crustacean excitement.

The primary highlight of this expansion is the incorporation of crabs and lobsters into Dave’s underwater domain. To ensnare these hard-shelled new arrivals, players will need to take a dive equipped with traps. Accompanying the crustacean debut is a celebratory event—because everyone relishes the goings-on of crustaceans at a gathering.

Accompanying the crustacean introduction is a feature to ease farming. In its existing version, farming involves ongoing visits, so this update includes a generous solution that lets you delegate the task to Sammy—a steadfast ally. Moreover, to forestall chicken egg spoilage and the exhaustion of chicken feed, the update provides an egg storeroom and a feed dispenser.

Additional improvements include amplified content for the glacier zone and extended data on night diving. The previous narrative-centric glacier content will feature a collection of new quests. Night-time diving will witness the arrival of species that emerge solely after sundown. The daytime species currently surface both during the day and the night, so opting for night-time diving will now carry significant implications.

The October update welcomes a new VIP patron, a roaming seller offering unprecedented recipes and crops. Plus, there will be a fresh telephone operator to contact who provides daily reports on the events around the Blue Hole.

Dave the Diver is available on Steam for $20 US.

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