Grand Theft Auto Modder Data Leak Reveals Over 100,000 Email Addresses

  • Charlotte Anderson
  • Feb 20, 2023
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Grand Theft Auto Modder Data Leak Reveals Over 100,000 Email Addresses

The Grand Theft Auto franchise is once again at the center of a data leak. The modder's data breach, which occurred in October 2022, exposed more than 100,000 email addresses, according to Have I Been Pwned, a website that details data-related cybersecurity incidents.

This is the second data breach related to the franchise in the same period, after GTA 6 was leaked online in 2022. In this article, we'll explore the details of the data breach and the potential impact it could have on those affected.

The modder in question was reportedly working on a mod for GTA Online when his server was hacked, and the email addresses of those who signed up for mod notifications were stolen. 

The hacker responsible for the breach claimed to have access to other personal data, including IP addresses and passwords. The modder has since apologized to his followers for the offense and advised them to change their passwords and enable two-factor authentication on their email accounts.

Disclosing email addresses can have serious consequences for victims, including an increased risk of phishing attacks and identity theft. 

Email addresses can be used by cybercriminals to send phishing emails containing malicious links or attachments or to conduct social engineering attacks. Victims can also be targeted by scammers looking for personal information or money.

The incident underscores the importance of cybersecurity measures for both individuals and businesses. It is very important for people to use strong passwords and enable two-factor authentication for their accounts to minimize the risk of their data being compromised.

Businesses should also prioritize cybersecurity by implementing measures such as data encryption, regular data backups, and employee training to prevent data leaks.

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