Gameplay Enhancement: Dead Island 2 Mod brings DLSS 2 to Personal Computers

  • Charlotte Anderson
  • Aug 01, 2023
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Gameplay Enhancement: Dead Island 2 Mod brings DLSS 2 to Personal Computers

The world of PC gaming is abuzz as the much-anticipated Dead Island 2 gets a performance boost courtesy of an innovative mod. Notably, Dead Island 2 is known to only support AMD FSR 2. Surprisingly, a modder known as PotatoOfDoom sought to bridge this gap, introducing a mod that allows the game to leverage NVIDIA DLSS 2. Akin to his previous accomplishment with SEGA's Judgment game, this new feat is available for download via Nexus Mods.

Installation of this mod is straightforward; download and extract everything in the archive into the same folder as the DeadIsland-Win64-Shipping.exe file. This modification ultimately provides more flexibility to NVIDIA users. Gamers hope that this solution will prod developers into creating native DLSS support for Dead Island 2, echoing the subsequent native DLSS support for Judgment after PotatoOfDoom’s mod.

Even without the native DLSS 2 support, Dead Island 2 presents optimal performance. Stuttering issues, a common pitfall for PC games, are kept to a minimum with strategies such as pre-loading shaders and strategic game map limiting. Nonetheless, stutters could still occur during game navigation or cutscenes, causing slight discomfort to the player.

Running the game without NVIDIA DLSS support meant that adjusting the resolution without affecting performance became a tad challenging, especially for systems with limited GPU VRAM. The modders mentioned using an i7-10700 CPU, 16GB RAM, and RTX 3070 GPU. Consequently, they leveraged AMD FSR to navigate this hurdle, operating the game at 75 frames per second on 4K resolution with medium settings and the Balanced preset for FSR. Even better, the game managed 100 FPS at 1440p with high settings sans the need for FSR.

In conclusion, the introduction of this mod is a game-changer for Dead Island 2 enthusiasts. As Deep Silver revels in the game's success, reflected in record-breaking sales units and revenue, it signals potential further expansion for the franchise. Two more expansions are already slated for release in Q4 2023 and Q2 2024. As we await these thrilling developments, PotatoOfDoom’s DLSS mod serves to enhance our gaming experience in the meantime.

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