Final Fantasy 16 Producer Wants to Make a New Final Fantasy Tactics Game

  • Henry Williams
  • Apr 07, 2024
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Final Fantasy 16 Producer Wants to Make a New Final Fantasy Tactics Game

There's been ongoing speculation and eager anticipation among fans about the possibility of a Final Fantasy Tactics remaster for the past few years. Despite the lack of official confirmation, Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki Yoshida – who also serves as the director and producer for Final Fantasy 14 – has shared his own enthusiasm for the project's potential revival.
In a conversation with TheGamer, Yoshida spoke about the idea of incorporating a Tactics spinoff within the realm of Final Fantasy 16. He pointed out that the specific setting and key gameplay elements of FF16 might not seamlessly integrate into a tactics-style game. However, he highlighted that the larger franchise is very much suited for such a strategic approach to storytelling and gameplay.
Yoshida playfully mused over how the game could incorporate the epic battles between Eikons, considering the scale and complexity of such encounters in a tactical gameplay format. Despite these musings, he affirmed his and the team's fondness for the Tactics series, suggesting that it might be time to revisit and possibly revive the celebrated title.
Initial hints of a Final Fantasy Tactics remaster emerged from a leaked list of unannounced titles found in GeForce Now's database in 2021. Journalist Jason Schreier later appeared to confirm the game's existence, although Yasumi Matsuno, the original creator of Final Fantasy Tactics, stated later in the year that there were no immediate plans to resurrect the series.
The growing whispers and hints from within the industry continue to fuel the excitement and hope among fans for the return of a beloved classic. Although official announcements remain forthcoming, the consistent interest from prominent figures like Yoshida suggests that a remaster of Final Fantasy Tactics could very well be on the horizon.

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