Exploring Furiosa's Destiny: George Miller Ponders Her Fate Beyond Fury Road

  • Henry Williams
  • May 21, 2024
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Exploring Furiosa's Destiny: George Miller Ponders Her Fate Beyond Fury Road

The visionary behind Mad Max, George Miller, often ponders the fate of Furiosa post-Fury Road.

When 2015 rolled around, Mad Max: Fury Road enthralled audiences with the introduction of Imperator Furiosa, a formidable force in George Miller's dystopian universe who managed to eclipse Max in his very own film.

Now seizing control of her narrative, Furiosa embarks on her own Mad Max tale. The roles of Charlize Theron's indomitable character are now filled by Anya Taylor-Joy and Alyla Browne, delving into about 16 years of her life's harrowing journey - from her capture at age 10 to her rise within Immortan Joe’s forces. However, as Miller reveals in a London rendezvous just before the UK premiere of the film, Furiosa's story may not conclude just yet.

Miller muses about the scene where Furiosa ascends to the Citadel and bids farewell to Max, saying, "I've often speculated when we see Furiosa go up to the Citadel on that platform at the very end [of Fury Road] and nod goodbye to Max who wanders to the Wasteland… I often think: 'What does she do, sitting up at the top of the dominant hierarchy? Does she fall into the trap that most revolutionaries do? You know, yesterday’s hero becomes tomorrow’s tyrant, which is classic in storytelling.'"

Although Miller contemplates Furiosa's future, he expresses no desire to delve further into her past, especially her childhood in the lush Green Place, suggesting that Furiosa and Fury Road together weave a single, grand narrative.

Miller shares with the Inside Total Film podcast and GamesRadar+, "I’m very lucky to say that the two films kind of joined together. You can almost play them as a long, extended movie. I’m not interested in Furiosa from when she’s playing in the Green Place from the age zero to 10 [laughs]. Collecting peaches, and swimming, and learning to climb, and figuring out what a motorbike is even though there’s no gasoline, and so on."

In Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, the future Imperator's life dramatically changes when she's kidnapped by Dementus (Chris Hemsworth), the crazed leader of the Biker Horde. As she finds herself caught between warring Warlords, Furiosa takes on a thunderous journey of vengeance through the Wasteland.

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga is set to hit cinemas in the UK and Ireland, as well as in the US, starting May 24. Stay tuned for our complete interview with Miller and star Tom Burke on the Inside Total Film podcast, dropping later this week.

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