Dragon’s Dogma 2 Rolls Out Crucial Updates: Dragonsplague Gets a Much-Needed Nerf

  • Henry Williams
  • Apr 19, 2024
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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Rolls Out Crucial Updates: Dragonsplague Gets a Much-Needed Nerf

In the ever-evolving landscape of Dragon's Dogma 2, a new update promises to bring significant changes that players have been clamoring for. The game, a blend of high fantasy and action-packed adventures, has captivated a massive audience with its intricate mechanics and immersive world. However, one particular aspect that has been a thorn in players' sides is the notorious dragonsplague, a condition that could dramatically affect gameplay. The developers have finally heeded the community's calls for a change, planning to reduce the frequency of this affliction and make its detection much clearer.

Dragonsplague, known for its stealthy devastation, has been a peculiar challenge. Players often found themselves in dire straits, unaware that their Pawns were suffering from this malady. The upcoming update aims to alleviate this frustration by not only making the condition less common but also improving the cues that signal a Pawn's infection. This adjustment is expected to enhance the gameplay experience, providing a more manageable and enjoyable adventure without diminishing the challenge that fans love.

Moreover, the update is set to refine the interactions with Pawns, the AI companions that play a crucial role in the game's dynamics. Players have voiced concerns over the Pawns' excessive dialogue and their penchant for precarious positions near cliff edges. The developers are addressing these issues head-on, promising to dial down the chatter and implement safeguards to prevent unwanted falls. These tweaks are poised to polish the Pawn system, making these companions more reliable and less intrusive.

While the focus on dragonsplague and Pawn improvements is a significant step forward, the community is still eager for broader technical enhancements. The update includes fixes for crashes and freezes under specific conditions, but there's a growing call for more comprehensive improvements to address performance issues across the board. Players remain hopeful that future updates will continue to refine the game's technical aspects, ensuring a smoother and more stable experience for all.

Dragon's Dogma 2's journey has been one of highs and lows, with passionate fans and critical feedback shaping its path. The upcoming update, while focusing on specific areas of concern, signals the developers' commitment to listening to their community and refining the game to meet their expectations. As Dragon's Dogma 2 continues to evolve, it's clear that the adventure is far from over, with each update opening new chapters in this epic saga.


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