An Intergalactic Janitorial Journey: Cleaning Up After the Cosmos in Space Trash Scavenger

  • Henry Williams
  • Nov 06, 2023
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An Intergalactic Janitorial Journey: Cleaning Up After the Cosmos in Space Trash Scavenger

Prepare to blast off into a world of interstellar junkyards and orbital manufacturing in Space Trash Scavenger, a novel take on the survival crafting genre. Developed by the duo behind SquarePlay Games, this week marks the beginning of a cosmic clean-up campaign with a twist. As an industrious but under-compensated space worker, your mission is to harvest debris and construct a self-sufficient scavenging platform amidst an open world teeming with microgravity challenges and automation possibilities.

The game's universe is a celestial playground where physics fun meets survival smarts. Imagine each floating rock and derelict craft with its own gravitational rules, reminiscent of the whimsical orbits in Super Mario Galaxy. Equipped with a jetpack, you'll zip between these gravitational pockets, collecting space waste and transforming it into lucrative goods. The campaign promises a fusion of adventure and industrial synthetics as players craft their base, travel interstellar distances, and engage with a dynamically generated cosmos.

With elements reminiscent of factory simulators, Space Trash Scavenger incorporates light automation that enhances not just the gameplay but the satisfaction of building a self-running space rig. Whether you delegate the dirty work to conveyor belts or manually refine each piece of cosmic refuse, it's up to you to shape your scavenging empire. The strategic dimension of the game deepens with resource management, requiring careful thought on fuel consumption for both jetpack jaunts and broader interstellar jumps.

Anticipation for Space Trash Scavenger is growing, in large part due to its blending of exploratory freedom and the threat of unknown adversaries. The Entity, an enigmatic opponent lurking within the game, adds a layer of risk to resource expeditions. Bravery will be a necessity for those venturing into the vacuum, where combat readiness must be as sharp as one's scavenging aptitude.

SquarePlay Games, while relatively new to the gaming scene, has already etched a mark with their debut title, Overcrowd: A Commute 'Em Up. With Space Trash Scavenger set to launch into Early Access on Steam on November 9, the future looks bright for this emerging studio. Under the auspices of Paradox Arc, this title offers space aficionados and crafting connoisseurs the chance to command their orbiting outpost, exploring, expanding, and exploiting the boundless bric-a-brac of the Milky Way.

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