Amazon Ushers in Social Shopping Era with Consult-a-Friend Feature

  • Charlotte Anderson
  • Oct 22, 2023
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Amazon Ushers in Social Shopping Era with Consult-a-Friend Feature

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, is upping the stakes in the online shopping landscape by introducing a promising new feature - Consult-a-Friend. Buyers will now be able to solicit the opinions of their closest allies – their trusted friends – right from the Amazon app. By sending a message containing the relevant product link, consumers can garner reactions and potential commentary on items of interest.

The company's rationale behind this innovation is to bring a dimension of social shopping to its platform and facilitate better purchase decisions. It is capitalizing on the inherent trust in recommendations from family and close friends. Data collected internally by Amazon indicates that this new feature effectively formalizes a behavior that customers were already exhibiting when seeking feedback on product choices, indicated by the frequent use of the existing 'Share' button in the app.

Silhouetting the contours of a consultative shopping experience, Amazon's new feature builds upon familiar sharing behaviors. Its role comes into particular prominence when shopping for certain product categories, such as apparel, shoes, electronics, and furniture, where external advice is often sought. With the holiday shopping season looming, Consult-a-Friend could potentially give customers the confidence they lack when selecting gifts for their near and dear ones.

Utilizing the feature is no hassle. Amazon users launch the feature in the app, opt for 'Ask for your friends' votes and pick their preferred messaging channel for sharing. Friends responding to these messages can conveniently respond through a host of emojis or decide to type out their reactions, but must already be logged into their Amazon account in the app. That said, Amazon is clear that this initiative is not geared toward harvesting personal information from non-Amazon users.

The launch of Consult-a-Friend not only revolutionizes online shopping but elevates it to a more interactive social platform. However, it does not stop there. Amazon is also introducing a 'Create' feature to its Inspire shopping feed, extending the realm of user engagement further. The Create function allows users to capture pictures or videos of their preferred products and share their experiences, rendering the whole shopping journey more inclusive and personal.

As Amazon continues to reshape the scenario of e-commerce with such pioneering features, it's clear that the realm of online shopping is transforming into a more social and interactive space. With features like Consult-a-Friend, shopping online is starting to feel more like a community activity, evoking the spirit of traditional retail shopping in the digital world.

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